Genealogy – Way to Our Long-Gone Past!

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What is genealogy? Why do we desire to conduct research on our ancestors?

Today, we will get to know all these and can make our mind to search our long-lost ancestors and relatives. Normally people around the world, wonder about the exact meaning of the term Genealogy. It is actually the study of family and tracing the origin and roots of a family. The analysis helps us to get in-depth picture and knowledge about our past through various events and activities of our ancestors.

Significance of Genealogy:

Learning old facts and stories related of our ancestry is quite an interesting subject. The study helps current generation to store and track a wealth of information regarding their family lineage. We can locate individuals’ vital statistics, public records and their position in the family chart. These are some of the important reasons as to why we wish to delve into our ancestor’s life:

  • To learn their identity and connection with us.
  • To get familiar with their lifestyles, biographies and achievements.
  • To find their birth records and parent’s details.
  • To authenticate- what we’ve heard about them and their stories are correct.
  • To know if anyone of them was a renowned person and has memorable history.
  • To settle legal and personal matters related to real estate, land and property.
  • To track- from where they came and settled.
  • To find their immigration and naturalization history.
  • To track the culture and mixing of different races in the family line.
  • To clear all our doubts and queries regarding them.
  • Eventually, to build a thriving Family Tree.

Though genealogical research is a complex process, yet the study helps genealogists, family historians and people like us to explore and step into the world of our ancestors. We get an immense opportunity to retrieve interesting genealogical documents and information. It builds a bridge between past, present and future.